Just Flush! (10MWC 89)

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Hey come in here!

Ew, no! I’m not coming in the bathroom, we’re not even dating yet!

No! I’m not taking a crap or anything, just come here!

Fine. Ok. what is it?

I can hear people from the toilet.


There are voices, whispers. In the toilet. Like coming out of the toilet. From the water. Listen yourself.

Holy shit. You’re right.

Do you think it’s sewer people?

Like mole men?

No like regular sewer people, like plumbers.

You do know that plumbers don’t just leap down pipes like in a video game, right?

No, I mean like — Fuck! It’s getting louder!

What are they saying?

I have no idea. Sounds like they’re fighting.

It sounds like they’re gonna burst through the pipes! Flush, just flush it!

What if they’re elves or something?!

Just flush!

I don’t hear anything any more, do you?

No. Maybe we should get closer.

Put your head in the bowl.



Nope. Smell real bad though. Really awful.

Well, shit.

Uh, yeah. Duh. Do you think we murdered some trolls or fairies or something?

I hope not. I can’t afford that kind of bad luck right now.

You think it’s safe to still, you know, poop in here?

Created: Mar 28, 2014

Tags: fiction, prose

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