In my time of dying.

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Whod've thought it huh? I'd survive the end of the world, I'd see the very best and worst of humanity in the years that followed. People killing each other for water, people saving each other for exactly the same reason. Loved pets turned feral and those that didn't turned into food. Only to die in this hole.

I was taking shelter from the fallout storms. Those howling winds will strip the heat right from you. And trust me, there's nothing worse than being both cold and hungry. I was hunkered down, wrapped in the tattered remnants of my sleeping bag trying to keep warm. I know it was stupid, I know it was a juvenile mistake... I lit a fire. I had to have some heat.

I didn't really feel the round hit me in the chest, I just saw a spark from the iron latticework on the wall. I saw its uniformity become misshapen. The whipcrack of the repeater came a fraction of a second later. I felt warmth on my skin but I was growing cold in my core. The girl entered my little hidey hole and rummaged through what little I actually had. A few protein bars, some rat jerky, a few cans of soda. Not a lot to show for 30 years on this earth. Her voice was soft, she was only a kid. "I'm sorry mister, I thought you was a bad un..." My vision got blurry then and it became hard to breathe, there was no light, there was no pearly gate. But at least I'm not cold anymore. 

Created: Mar 27, 2014

Tags: story

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