You. Me.

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You. You live amongst the stars.

Me. I live somewhere between the earth and the sea.

You, enveloped by the never-ending character of the cosmos.

Me, body planted on solid ground, yet constantly pushed by the waves.

The earth and sea are beautiful to you, a solid mystery. The sky is where I look in both wonder and jealousy, for those who live there are filled beyond measure with such deep complexity. Yet I do not envy you that state, to have to manage a constant place of nearly bursting.

I am made for moments of it; when I wade into the sea where it is not so solid. Then I can feel the sky and touch those in the stars. I can touch you. And while we do not live in the same place, our joining makes the world complete.

Or so I like to think, here amidst the shoreline. Always living on that line, both and yet neither. Earth, water, sky; all around, but never just one having me.

Tell me, what is it you see in me? Why should the stars reach out to the seaside? Is it my solidity? The steadiness of my pulse, a heart of stories and lists, words to fill you with?

I do not know. I am not like you, seeing so much from up above. My vision is based in the waves; I only see what crashes into me.

But when you reach, how easy it is to hold onto you.

Created: Mar 27, 2014

Tags: sea, prose, ocean, non-fiction, connection, stars, waves

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