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Signs & Symptoms Include: 

-Getting angry for not being able to come up with a good record

-Hearting/Commenting on everything and anything that catches your eye

-Releasing tons of RECords for only one collaboration 

-Daydreaming about what you're going to sing, play, remix, draw, film or write next

-Constantly checking the Dashboard 

-Downloading records just because they're awesome and free

-Discussing about the site to those who have no idea what it is  

-Procrastinating on homework or work in general

-Drinking tons of caffeine

-Sleeping late at night

-Sleeping at two or three in the morning

-Not sleeping at all

-Eating at random intervals

-Forgetting to eat

-Forgetting to shower

-Forgetting to change into a pair of fresh clothes

-Not leaving your room or house for days



Created: Mar 27, 2014

Tags: hitrecordenitis, manifesto, collab, illness

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