A City With No People

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The Earth had long since swallowed up most of the remaining cars in the events of the aftermath, but this one still stood, a testament to the durability of human machines.  They used to say that everything created by our hands would remain when we were long gone.  Oh how true they were. This car sat here, nose pointing straight to Hell, hardly a scratch on it, still resisting the wear and tear of Mother Nature.  In a city with no people, a car of any kind seemed like an abomination to me.  But I realized a city feels that way as well with no people left to populate it.  But the funny thing is, I was already used to it, this solitary existence, and it sometimes took finds like this car to remind myself that there were once others like me here.  But surely some cities must still stand, still with people in them.  I can't dwell on such thoughts or I will truly go mad here...

Created: Mar 26, 2014

Tags: car, city, alone, cataclysm, lone survivor, after the end, empty, solitary

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