The Only Immortal Heart

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The only immortal heart to beat,

belongs to the strangest man you'll meet.

Though he will live for the eternity ahead,

he secretly wishes to be dead. 

A mysterious existence and unexplained birth, 

for thousands of years he's roamed the earth.

Christopher Calvin, yes that is his name, 

has lived his life much like a game. 

Doing great things and having much fun,

Christopher cared for the well-being of none. 

All this was fine for a century or two,

until he desired something new. 

He wanted  to live as a normal man would,

to love and be loved, as every man should.

It was then he realized where he went wrong,

he knew now why he lived so long.

In order to be a mortal and rest

Christopher did what he felt best.

He joined hands with the misfortuned and ill,

and from his veins immortality did spill.

Breathing life into those who were sick,

Christopher began to age very quick.

There he laid a mortal near death,

Happily drawing his final breath.

The only immortal heart to beat, 

belonged to the happiest man you'll meet.

He had a gift perhaps no one should, 

but he gave it up for the greater good. 


Created: Mar 26, 2014


Stevorama Document Media