It was an ending.

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"Jenny, what do you think? should we do it up?"

" Max.. you know I have always wanted to do it up!" Said a lonely voice across the room.

It echoed for miles and miles to come.  The sound waves travelled into each ear drum in that room.  It was wierd how one confined room would allow the words to bounce into every person's mind as they reproduce ideas in their heads to come.

" how many people are into this?" Said a squirmy voice from a corner.

Max stepped up on the podium in the room and stood there, a long pause of nothing. Some people booed him off the podium others like Jenny screamed for him, envied all that he stood for in that room.  

"People, people please settle down we are all going to try this new experience so please sit in your seats and just enjoy the ride."  Max said spitting into the microphone.

The rules of the book are that once you enter, you cannot go back you must enjoy the ride until the very end. The ride could last a few minutes to as long as a few hours.

" Last time this was done, it was complex this is why I need the strongest people, no pussy shit please." Max said determined to find the perfect candidate.

" I WILL DO IT!!" a confident voice shouted.

Max looked far into the crowd, and spotted the confident voice, she was tall, selectively good looking which was what he was looking for. She had a fohawk, she was a blonde, with one eye hazel and the other brown.  " What is your name young one?" max shouted.

"My name is Adriana, and I am willing to go through with this experiment mr. Maxwell." she flirted back.

Max loosened his tie, he could feel a pooling of sweat being collected by the branded new suit he has bought a few weeks for this event. "Adriana this is can be dangerous are you sure you can go through with it." Max questioned nervously.

The young lady got up from her chair and patted down her silky white gown, the color of milk.  It complimented her luscious breasts, which looked fake but were not.  She grazed her fingers through her blonde hair, her six inch heels made a tapping sound against the hard wood floor. 

Adriana walked up to the podium, and recited her speech , " People I need to tell you that what I am about to do could potentially leave me scared, wounded, and I may not come back but I am willing to take that action for this man right here.  Max sat her in a red chair and she had stuck out her tongue, " now Adriana I will place this small bubble on your tongue once it dissolves you will be transported." said max.

Adriana looked deeply into the eyes of the man standing in front of her, she looked without a care.  She smiled and wanted this much more than anything. " I am ready mr. maxwell lay it on me." 

He pushed her down to sit tighter on the chair, she let out a big heavy breath. " This will only take a moment Adriana, trust me." Echoed Max's voice.

Puff the magic dragon had been rung, everyone could hear the song.  Adriana had dissappeared, but max had stayed.

" What happened to Adriana ? Max you were suppose to transport with her." Jenny screamed out. 

Max looked at the audience, Adriana was gone, he began to speak but no one would hear him out. "Jenny... are you the only one who can see me?" he exclaimed.

Jenny looked down at her long fingers which had trembled, " Max... where did we go? I didnt even take the pill darling." Jenny sharply asked. 

Max smiled, "  I know darling, so get on the carpet and lets go explore." 

Jenny leaned forward, kissing his oh so moist lips that had not touched her in hours. " You are right darling, this journey is going to be quite the ride. But where is Adriana?" 

Max looked at Jenny as he took her hand, " Dont worry for Adriana I have her part covered."

They both stepped on the carpet, the purple carpet which began to mobilize itself in more ways than one.

"here we go princess, here we go."

Created: Mar 26, 2014


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