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So for all three of you who may take an interest, here goes...

When I was a kid, I drew and drew and drew.  I would pause Disney movies and copy the characters.  That was on a VCR, mind you (I still have my Little Mermaid box with the penis in plain sight).  When you paused it, it would skip ahead a few frames.  So I had to time my pause perfectly to get the exact frame I wanted.  Sometimes it would take 10 tries to get it right.  Then the VCR would unpause after 5 minutes (to keep the picture from being burned into the TV screen is what they told us, right?).  Another 10 attempts at pausing later, I would find my frame again.  This is how I filled my weekends, and my drawing pads, for many years.

I became a master at mimicking other artists' work.  Holy shit, I could draw a mean Mufasa. I was in an AP art class in high school, to hopefully build a portfolio with which I could get into a college and do something artsy, but when I had to come up with ideas from my own little brain, they simply weren't there.  I sat at my desk for 3 weeks without putting pencil to paper.  I was the worst student in art class.  How was this possible?  It was more than a little devastating.

Skip through a few years of a little sex, drugs, rock and roll, and self-loathing, and I needed a career.  I am a little worse than fucking horrible at first impressions, so I wasn't going to talk my way into any dream job.  My shtick seems to be that I get a mediocre job and work my way up.  And in my infinite wisdom, of course, I ran as far away from art jobs as I could.  So now, after many twisty-turny years, I work with money and math.

Enter hitRECord about a year ago.  It had been a good 10 years since I had done much of anything artistic.  I read one of Saintmaker's stories - it was about a Werezompiremummy (which I still think is awesome), and it kept me up all night, nagging me to draw it.  So I did.  It was on a weekend - I didn't have a computer or internet access at the time, and I COULD NOT wait to get to my work computer on Monday to upload it.  So I dragged my then six year old to Kinko's while I paid like a dollar-a-minute to upload it. What was I doing?  I couldn't wait a measly 24 hours to upload this stupid thing?  Absolutely not.  I was compelled.  On personality tests, I score as comatose, so this behavior was kinda unusual.  And thus my addiction was born.  I got a whopping 4 hearts on my Werezompiremummy, thank you very much!

I bought a computer, internet access, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and a few hefty plug-ins (kind of secretly on different credit cards so my husband wouldn't know the full extent of my insanity), and I learned just enough to be somewhat useful by the time hitRECord on TV came around.

That's enough about me - Now I want to find your shit, remix your shit, feature your shit, and make awesome shit together for all eternity (that's as close as I get to sincerity, folks).

Love ya, and thank you so much!!


Created: Mar 26, 2014

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