Modern Tale of Crazy Cinderella

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Once upon a time- wait, we don’t start there, we start at the beginning with a father abandoning his child after losing his wife and her mother. This was the father of a girl named Cinderella. She lost her mother at a young age and it was just her and her father until one day he came home with a women on his arm and 2 snobbish looking girls trailing behind them out of a Porsche. The father stopped in front of Cinderella and introduced to her his new wife and her new step-mother and step-sisters. About a couple months later the s life became horrible with her new family. Her step-mother and sisters locked her away in the attic and only ever let her out to do the chores or if they needed her; ordering her around like she was a slave.  Whenever Cinderella was locked in the attic, it soon became apparent that this lifestyle was effecting her physically and mentally. Physically she was becoming skinner with every day with very little food and looking very sickly with no sunlight or fresh air. Mentally, it was much worse, since the only time she was allowed out was to do chores around the mansion, she never got the social attention need for a growing person. In the attic she started to talk to the mice that lived up there with her and soon enough she believed they were talking back and having actual conversations. She even made them little shirts to wear because she believed they were cold and needed to have clothing just like a human. She spent years living this way and as the years went by, it was obvious that her father was probably never coming back.  One day while she was cleaning there came a letter from the richest family in town inviting the family to a party they were known and respected family and it was known they were very rich, which appealed to the mother and sisters. They went out shopping and bought the most expensive dresses which really looked like old-century dresses that were seen on the pompous old, rich, ladies that had nothing better to do then be gold diggers.  The night of the party the step-mother and sister locked Cinderella in the attic and left for the party. Cinderella believed that with the help of her mice friends that they were able t really been locked all the way so it opened with only a few hearty pushes from her. When she went outside planning to go to the party, she was stopped by what she thought was her fairy godmother who appeared with light shining around her. It was actually an old lady that had walked out from the shadow of a lamp post into the light.  The old lady gave her a dress that she always carried around with her out of remembrance from her younger times. When she handed over the dress the mice that Cinderella thought were her friends had escaped out of the front door and when they ran underneath the dress some white powder came off of it and fell on them, making them white as snow.  Cinderella then believed that they had been turned into horses because of it. The white powder had also poured onto a nearby pumpkin because it was near Halloween. When Cinderella had turned around to thank the fairy godmother she was gone, Cinderella believed she had disappeared with magic ve seen the old lady walking away.  Cinderella went to the party with her dress and when she showed up, she accidently ran into a man with what looked like a white suit on. He had actually just come from work coming to the party late from his job as a psychiatrist.  She apologized to him and bowed like he was a t home by midnight then the mice turned horses would not be able to get back into the house.  She ran away when she spotted here sister headed her way with anger on their faces.  When they reached the confused looking man they asked him if Cinderella had bothered him and that she never did anything right. He looked at the 2 girls bewildered and asked how they knew the young lady.  They told him that she was only their step-sister and that she was completely anti-social, trying to cover up the fact that she was actually treated horribly and was locked away. The man looked at them suspiciously and said they he needed to go change and to speak to his family. It had turned out the man was actually the only son of the richest family in town, the same ones that were throwing the party. The entire family were trained psychologists and when he spoke to them about the girl he met, they all t right and decided the next day to get the police and to go investigate the home. When Cinderella had gotten home, her step-mother was already there, having been told by her daughters that Cinderella had escaped and gone to the party. She had beaten her there by driving the Porsche while Cinderella could only run.  She yelled at Cinderella and dragged her up the stairs to the attic and threw her in, locked the door, t get out. The next morning, the man and his family with the police came to the house and told the step-mother and sister that they had suspicions that something was wrong and asked to enter and investigate the house. The step-mother initially refused because she knew if she let them in they would find the attic where Cinderella was locked away. The police were taller than her and when glancing over her head noticed what looked like blood on the stairway.  They now had plausible cause to search the house and when they followed they trail they came to the attic door with the chair in front and the door locked. They could hear Cinderella in the room talking and broke down the door. What they found in the room horrified them because it was covered in dust and in the s bed. Cinderella herself was sitting on the ground seemingly having a conversation with mice. The family of psychiatrists recognized the signs of mental instability and from the abuse obviously put upon her they deduced there were probably other mental disabilities she was suffering from. Later on, after the step-mother and sisters had been taken away by the police, s home and in their therapy room. They asked her questions about her home life and growing up. She told them about her father leaving and then about how she was locked away in the attic, but she t lonely and that she had her mice friends to keep her company and to talk to. She also ended up telling them about the mice turning into horses and the pumpkin turning into a carriage but it was too small for her to ride in to the party in and how her fairy godmother had made it all happen with magic.  The man, the one she thought was a prince and was her main psychiatrist, diagnosed her with schizophrenia and delusions, and that the cause was probably because of the abandonment of and the abuse and neglect growing up.  He decided to send her to a psychiatric hospital where she could receive the proper treatment and integration into society. They started treatment with therapy and pills to help get everything out in the open and to help her get healthy physically until they could start treating her with medicine for her disorders.  Over the years, Cinderella became accustomed to what had happened to her and with proper therapy and medicinal treatment, she was able to start a new life. There were still moments when she thought she could hear mice having conversations but she now knows that it is not real and is able to ignore it and continue on with her life. She still got visits from the rich family that had helped her and became close with them over the years. They helped her to rebuild her life and start fresh while she knew that they would always be there to help her if she needed it.


                And she lived Happily Ever After… with a few bumps along the way.



Created: Mar 26, 2014

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