Lady Nijo at Red Hill Lodge (origami)

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Title: Lady Nijo at Red Hill Lodge

shadow box, card stock, various textured papers, chiyogami, thread

Finally finished this creative project for medieval Japan class. This is probably the hardest origami art pieces I've ever done to date! The piece is composed of two sisters playing the koto and biwa for Lady Nijo, a Japanese Buddhist nun, who chronicles her travels throughout Japan. This origami scene is based on her writings (below).

Excerpt from The Confessions of Lady Nijo, Book 4, 1289.
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After several days I arrived at Red Hill Lodge in Mino province, where I stopped for the night, weary and lonely from the days I had spent in unaccustomed travel. The lodge was managed by two sisters whose skill as entertainers, especially their sensitive playing of the koto and biwa, reminded me of the past...She must have wondered too about the tears that stained my dark sleeves, so out of keeping for a nun...

Source: Brazell, trans. The Confessions of Lady Nijo, p. 182

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Created: Mar 25, 2014


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