Beautiful Illusion

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All these lies

We call the truth

I want it back

My misspent youth

The sweat, the tears

The juice uncouth

The precious fluids

Like stale vermouth


All these lies

The love we waste

Our swallowed pride

Leaves an aftertaste

Of dust and rust

And crusty paste

Feelings spent

In senseless haste


All these lies

These mass delusions

Hopes and dreams

And swirled allusions

Passing loves

In veiled confusion

I see them now

Beautiful illusions


The lies, the truth

Stir together here

A thousand smiles

Ten thousand fears

Too many miles

Too many years

So many voices

So hard to hear


Who am I?

Where are you?

Is it over now?

Yes, I see the truth

Night is clearing

Gone's the confusion

Everything now...

A beautiful illusion.



Created: Mar 25, 2014


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