Dirty Owl Laundry (Taxidermy Collab)

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This is meant to be acted out by the owls in the resources. ;-)


Husband Owl: Can you please stop being a child and look at me?

Wife Owl: La, la, la, la, la… I can’t hear you.

Husband Owl: Well, clearly, you can. Otherwise you wouldn’t be answering me.

Wife Owl: You’re such a smartass. I can’t believe I married you.

Husband Owl: Right. Like you weren’t the one chasing me around every tree…

Wife Owl: I did not!

Husband Owl: You even wore your cousin’s glasses to look clever. And, by the way, you have to be the only dumb owl in the entire world. It’s like our thing, to be clever.

Wife Owl: Ah, like… You’re dumb… Shut up!

Husband Owl: Whatever. I want a divorce.

Creeper Owl: Are you guys having a fight?

Wife Owl: Oh my God! This is a private conversation!

Husband Owl: No. This is you yelling at me in public.

Creeper Owl: So, are you gonna get divorced?

Wife Owl: None of your business!

Husband Owl: Yeah. We are.

Created: Mar 24, 2014

Tags: wife, taxidermy, owls, dialogue, creeper, husband

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