The Insecure Whale Shark: a Tiny Story and an *Asterisk Tale

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Tiny Story:

Today the whale shark had an identity crisis.


*Asterisk Tale:

Skatebard: Sweetheart?

Me: Yes?

Skatebard: Whale sharks don't know they're whale sharks.

Me: Ha! What do the think they are...tuna dolphins?

Skatebard: Whale shark is just a 'label' a human came up with to 'define' this shark. 

Me: you're going to tell me humans just go around 'labeling' things.

     Like calling people by other names...or like making fun of people because they're different...or like actually sticking little signs on things and stuff like that.

Skatebard: You're right, sweetheart.

     The whale shark was just being insecure.

     'Am I a whale? Am I a shark? Should I fall in love with a whale...or a shark...or maybe some other creature? Or am I incapable of being loved?'

Me: That's a little melodramatic.

     I was thinking maybe one day he would wake up and say to himself: 'Today I'm going to be a whale and just blow things out my blowhole.'

     Or maybe: 'Today I'm going to be a shark and go eat everything I see.'

     Or maybe on a day like today, when he's having an identity crisis, he just starts eating himself. 

Skatebard: That's very interesting, sweetheart. I have to go now.

Me: Where?

Skatebard: To the office supply store.

Me: What for?

Skatebard: My label gun just ran out of tape.

Created: Mar 24, 2014


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