Dialogues - A conversation with the body

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Tony Bernardi

Upon a full day’s work…
A conversation with the body

Tired and worn out, you call upon me, dear faithful companion and fellow traveler. I notice you as you kindly remind me of the long day, the length measured with every notion and invitation to comfort you with my aware attention. I was beside you and yet beside myself about you. My destination more precious than the journey, I mindlessly neglected my precious companion.

Dear friend, handsome and strong, neutral and kind, at the end of this long journey, you were my destiny. And yet, I sought the illusions and shadows of the dream of arrival, when all I did was close my sight to you in hopes to see myself projected where I was not, being what I am not, attempting to become better when I was already the best. Will you forgive me? Can we sit at rest again and enjoy our company in stillness? Can you forgive my transgressions, ignorant demands, and hollow desires?

Gently now, let’s pause as you arrive to realize the happy marriage of the chariot and the charioteer. I am at your service, pliable, plausible, and patient. I apply your demands to what you built me to be. I withstand and outstand the strain of the storms you desire and the shadows you crawl into. We both travel, and when you require courage I let you hide in me. When you require adventure I am there to thrill. And yet, I have to remain your servant, obedient and present. But make no mistake, I am never a slave.

Although I am the straps that bind you, my limitations are designed to teach you your limitless potentials. As I become the boundaries of your domain, I also become the hearth that houses the fire of your love. Gently I hold you so you can feel the flutter of your wings and still remember that you can fly far and unfettered. When you are too burdened by the weight of judgments hiding in the shadowy landscape of your nightmares, we lie together in stillness as I let you recover and rest.

I am never tired. It is you who demands the explanation and invents the weakness that you lay upon me to which I am obedient. I take you where you want to go even if that destination serves not our purpose. Yet, when we arrive, I make you the innocent as I take all the blame, costing me my shape and form, as I’m echoed in your awareness as pain and strain.

And when you desire playful love and joining with another, although you break away and fly, forgetting your fidelity to me, I come along to meet the servant of another master. I try to serve two masters knowing well that I am bound to fail. Pretense in joining of the already joined, ridiculous as it seems, I make a dance of it, to please a friend and fight a foe, and yet it is not so. I will strike or kiss a friend or foe, although truly the difference I don’t know. What I know is how to shelter and hold you as a good companion can, but also I do advise you in all that comes to pass. Through me you see and smell, you taste and touch, and to yourself and others you seem to tell invented tales, a calculus that builds the road we travel. You make of me the storyteller to tell your story every time. And so, to time you bind me, leading me from birth to death, and to all that seem achievement but in truth are passing dreams. And when you are done, as we know I serve you well, you lay me down at the end of the journey of a long day.

Created: Mar 24, 2014


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