Dialogues - A conversation with spring

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Tony Bernardi

A new day…
A conversation with spring

Joyful spring, you have arrived with all your glory and sunshine. You are welcome here to my life and to the brave new world breathlessly awaiting you. Tell me what you have brought to share, especially for me?

I greet you gently and bring everything that you had, but refused to see. The joy in my heart is renewal and the wisdom in my breath is forgiveness. The much sought-after love I am well known for, is a lie that fades quickly, as do the flowers and blooms with which I dress all of nature. They wither, they fall, and what remains is the memory of their fragrance reminding you I was here. Beware. I will not stay here long. Do not take me for granted. Do not stay closed, safely tucked in your winter garb. Come out and brave the breeze. The winter is over, and all safety is gone. You cannot, will not, and should not come to me, other than in your luscious emptiness and with your raw and beautiful nudity. Come vulnerable. That is the only way I will accept you, and only when I accept you, can you accept me. Spring is not for the fainthearted. No. Spring is not for the weak. Spring is strength. You were blind and could not see that true strength is really in the frail, vulnerable, delicate blossom that flutters in the wind. It seems to live for a moment in the brilliant sunlight, doomed to be torn by the passionate storm. Fall it may, and a memory it will be, but now, only now, it lives in eternity. Spring is now. Do you see? Now it lives forever. This is the gift of spring. Do you dare to see?

I am not sure if I like you much, capricious spring, especially if you do not plan to stay long, and ruthlessly threaten to leave.

Spring is new love. How could it stay if it is to remain new? For strangely so, it has to go to be true to its newness. In order to remain eternally new it has to escape the prison of your permanence. For what faith brings, joy destroys, just as what love reveals, security shamelessly hides. Spring is all about madness. I am the revealer of all that was securely hidden under the blankets of an aging winter. Spring has come, and all that is no more.

It is true, spring comes and quickly goes. Spring is holy, spring is divine. This is what whoever lives in spring truly knows. That moment you call Now is the place where spring eternally grows. There is no secret that spring holds, for spring is an opening. So come to the feast you call this season. Here I reveal to you your lie! Spring is no season! Spring is your perpetual you.

Created: Mar 24, 2014


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