Enchanted Sky

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Enchanted Sky

Diamonds flutter their wings,
icy cold water rings
on the surface of rivers, blue.
all delighted to meet you.
What a wonderful day
with the sun beams astray
shining brightly it shall stay.
How lovely it is
like an autumn day kiss.
Busy bees flutter their wings
spreading fairy dust.
What lust!
Fairies will fly you up so high in the sky.
There you shall stay
on this delightful May day.
Floating in sea water you might
ocean waves splash around you despite
rain drops pounding on window sills.
The moon rises behind the gleaming hills.
Stars glittering in the evening sky;
take me up so high.
Rivers flow wide taking along my dreams
in the beginnings of coming true.
River blue, I’d love to come with you.
Frozen lakes,
a long time to sparkle them up it takes.
Sparkles explode around you,
so sit and explore the magic.
Magic will take you through life and up high
into the ocean waves of the sky
where nothing is impossible.
Sparkles afloat
stroking your face,
whooshing and swooshing around you with wondrous grace.
The river ground stays still,
admiring the sight with great detail.
As a stranger it takes time to absorb,
but no one will leave you alone
because this is your one and true home.
In this angelic space you’ll feel alright
with water crashing at your side with all its might,
taking you up so high
in this Enchanted sky.

Created: Mar 23, 2014

Tags: images in one's mind, sky, diamonds, lyrics, imagery, abstract, enchanted sky, poetry, free-verse, nature, fiction

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