Letter for a Heartbreaker

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My heart is teared apart by the way you seemingly left me stranded and alone. I don't know how you were capable of handling the situation the way that you did. I loved you and for what I gathered, you did love me too. How could you just leave, like I meant nothing to you? My heart seems like it's in a billion little bits lost in everywhere I go. I don't know how I'll ever be able to collect those pieces of you that agonize my insides and ruin every piece that I got inside of me. You were the first person I loved. The first that wasn't my mom, dad or my sister or my brother. I feel like I'm not even me, when I'm not with you. I became the person I am, partially as a sum of being with you, the time that we did. We were friends and we were lovers. I gave you everything I had and you took it like it didn't mean anything. But maybe it did, but it doesn't matter anymore. Our consencual love affair has lost its meaning, on the way until its end and having you in my life is no longer a thrill. I don't want so see you anymore. Some parts of me hate me for what you did to me, but these major parts of me just want you to love me, and keeps me loving you chained in my mind. I don't know when the time comes, for you to walk out of my thoughts, out of my shaddered feelings inside of me. But I know this: When I do forget you, I have found someone who won't treat my strong little heart the way that you did. By that time, I have found a friend; Better than you ever were, someone who is nothing like you. And when that time comes, I will be nothing like you once made me be like. I'll be better.

Created: Mar 23, 2014


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