Would the World Still Spin? (Remix)

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I stumbled upon bubblez614 poem "If all the stars fell down" and it put such cute imagery in my head. I had to get something on paper. Here is the full poem...


If All the Stars Fell Down


And if all the stars fell down,

There would be no light in the night.

not a single star in sight.

But more importantly, What would we wish on,

If all the stars fell tonight?

We count of them to fulfill our wishes,

and hold our secrets.

We need them to stare into to remember the ones were missing.

There a million miles away,

but under them we feel safe.

with out them we're lost, and won't know how to navigate.

Navigate through life or love, the sky or above.

Would the world still spin around,

if all the stars fell down?

Created: Mar 23, 2014

Tags: remix, stars, wish, moon, illustration, dream, bubblez614, mixed media, girl, drawing, painting, nickelazo, night, graphic design, digital

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