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Hello! I'm Megan, if you couldn't tell by my username. This is my first time doing this collab - I've only been on the site since last July.  I haven't done much on the site because I feel like I'm not really sure where to go or what to do.

I enjoy writing, but I really am one of those people that takes forever to write because I edit over and over again, no matter how long it is - I'm just never satisfied with me work, and always think I could do better.

I also enjoy photography, but I don't have a nice camera to take pictures with so I'm limited.

Also, I like to illustate and design things, but they're usually abstract because my actual technique is horrendous. Haha!


Anyway, I figured this would be an awesome collaboration to possibly stretch myself and see what I can do. See what I can get comfortable (and uncomfortable) with.


Looking forward to it!

Created: Mar 23, 2014


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