Femme Fatales of HITRECORD

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This may not exactly fit in to the contribution request I've chosen, but I think it's the most appropriate.  Since the song is about femme fatales, I thought why not include them from the community?  In all fairness, I couldn't use everyone...so if you aren't included here, don't take it personally as I only has so much song to work with. 

I hope you all like it...it is a much different take on this than anyone else has done, but hey...you wanted fresh eyes, right? =]  I read what others thought about it and tried to line it up with the theme of the librarian that turns into the femme fatale, but then has remorse at the end.

I think I got the timing down pretty good.  Enjoy!

Created: Mar 22, 2014

Tags: music, request video, color, abstract, short film, remix

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