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"Maybe whales listen to thrash metal." lol


There is so much happening in this place that it's taken me two weeks to check out the 'featured' section of the website! 


I am not an illustrator or a musician at all, so I don't feel like I can take part in all the collabs, but it's interesting to see how everyone is working together, whether it be on the invisible family, swimming or happy endings; it's just amazing how many talented creative people there are out there. And this is just such a beautiful place for our art (which is essentially who we are, right?) to be appreciated. HitRECord is like the most loving of families that give continuous group hugs.


And as such, it really encourages us to come out of our shells; the WHO just gets revealed more and more all the time.


Which may or may not be a good thing ;)


But for general creativeness, there is just so much to feed off here. Like I'm a writer, and generally speaking I like to write from ideas that flow naturally within me, but really, if I had no ideas in the pipeline then I could come here, and something would be sparked. In a way there is almost too much going on to get some better focus, but I am sure that I will keep writing. As I mentioned elsewhere, my aim when I joined here was just to post old works of mine, and to receive attention for those (did I mention that I need love and adoration?!); but hitRECord should not be underestimated, of the effect that it can have on us. Because there are some amazing people in this place.


So basically I love hitRECord, and I think it's great how it has its little 'thingys' to inspire us. Whether that be the word of the week in the ten minute writing challenge, a six word story, or a terrifying tale in two sentences; hitRECord is full of hits, not misses.

Created: Mar 22, 2014

Tags: collaborations, art, creativeness, hitrecord

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