biker (challenge #2 part 1)

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challenge #2, part 1!

theshuttersmith challenged me to "capture at least three candid photos of strangers"

after maaany awkward attempts, i finally captured some that i like. the good thing about doing it over and over (and over) again is that i am now much more comfortable with taking pictures of strangers, as well as the whole "everyone staring and judging" thing. at one point i even hid behind jars of honey to get a photo of a gentleman who looked like he was a 20s mob member. (that one probably won't be uploaded for a while because it's on black and white film...i get my color shots developed right away, while b&w ones i do myself in the darkroom. all these pictures were actually taken weeks ago, but i didn't finish developing my favorites until now)

sorry i'm so behind on challenges and that i'm going out of order!! :/ i'm hoping i'll get to the rest within the next few weeks

Created: Mar 22, 2014

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