"Reborn Beneath the Sea" (vo for Swimming collab)

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Once upon a time, eons ago

We crawled out from the sea

And now…


While you were looking toward the stars

We quietly slipped back into the sea

For our future is not in the void

It's too cold…too far to go

Instead we chose proximity.


We made our own sea armor

And learned to breathe the waters

You called us missing persons

But we're not really missing

We're still your sons and daughters.

You've spent centuries destroying

These gifts which nature gave us

And while you wish upon the stars

We have gone deep into the deep

It's our only chance to save us.


So join us now, we miss you all

Decide which creature you will be

Come back, come back

To nature's precious womb

And be reborn beneath the sea.



Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

Garbage to garbage

Rust to rust

In consumption we trusted

And then we went bust

Let’s return to the sea

We must…..

We must


Created: Mar 22, 2014


saintmaker Audio Media