Mr. I's Trail...and Escape!

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I'm not a good enough illustrator to even attempt to pull this off, but I'm thinking it would be like those "artist's renderings" of a courtroom...

Prosecutor:  "...and do you see that man in the courtroom today?"

Witness:  "Well, er..." (show the defense attorney sitting at a table by himself) "No!"

(Court erupts into both a positive and negative uproars)

Judge:  "Order!  Order!"

(Defense attorney leans over)

Defense attorney:  "This is going to be a piece of cake, Mr. I." (after not getting any response)  "Mr. I?"

(the Bailiff sees the defense attorney waving his hand where Mr. I should be)

Bailiff:  "Mr. Invisible has escaped!"

(Massive uproar this time)

Judge:  "Order!  There will be order in my courtroom!"


Of course, this would then lend itself to a whole slew of scenes showing his escape route.  =]

Created: Mar 22, 2014

Tags: request, dialogue, fiction, theme, script

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