Allow Me

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Allow me to use you for musical inspirations. Let me strum and sing variations dedicated to the hope I harbor.


Alllow for paint to be spattered and structured in your musings. Let me etch rhythms in acrylics to match the beats I hear when you're near.


Allow me to work my way, desipte your current juxtaposition, to weave my heart to fix the tears in yours. Let me defy your expectations.


Allow my digits to swurve and curve, spouting metaphors that stitch the seams of your dreams to meet mine.


Allow me to bend and spill words like himble hot cocoa. Let them warm you veins, and fuel the blood through your heart.


Give way to the fire, and let me show you what it's like to burn.

Created: Mar 22, 2014

Tags: muse, poetry, allow me, free-verse, love, dialogue, heart, burn, fire, oyoko, inspiration, dreams, music, metaphor, paint, art

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