A Moment of Inbetween

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You have moment of Inbetween

In that moment, fill an ounce

Use that ounce, make an ocean

With that ocean, create your atom

Navigating around that atom, circles your orb.

On your orb, realize your province

In your province, beget your twins

Fear and hope

By a bloody birth, wallow in your affliction and cry in jubilation.

In that blossum of creation, embrace your providence.

In a variegated truth, you have defied your "reality"

Born of fear and of hope, you have both lived and died.

In your province, existing on your orb

Navigating around your atom,

Created from an ocean of a ounce. 

During a moment of Inbetween

Created: Mar 21, 2014

Tags: poetry, lyrics

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