Swimming Collab: High School

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A) How did Jessica get her whale to look so good?

B) Ugh, I know. Everything she does is so perfect. Barf!

A) Yeah, barf! Barf on you Jessica. 

B) What are you anyway?

A) A starfish. 

B) You're too big to be a starfish.  

A) I know. I mean shut up!

B) I bet Jessica could pull it off though. 

A) Sigh, true. 

B) Well...I think you look like a very pretty starfish. 

A) Thank you. And I think you're a very pretty, uh...shark?

B) Bingo!

A) We are so fabulous. 

B) Tots. Let's go swimming. 

A) Let's.

Created: Mar 21, 2014


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