Empty Shell/When Will I Be Complete

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Here I am, Empty, Writing a poem about absolutly nothing.
I can't write about anything specific because I've lost my insperation.
The ink from my pen is writing and the pen itself writing,
And the paper recieving the words but they are Empty, Like me.
I can try to fill them but it wont happen.
Its true what people say,
What you write resembles who you are.
Empty words equal Empty me,
And I'm as Empty as they come.
Just a Human Body shell, ready to cave in on its self.
It may look like me but there is nothing filling this body.
I've lost my Insperation, My Love, My Hope, My Vision
Drained completly to the core.
Who I was is now a mear memory in the minds of those who cared,
Not many remain.
May left along time ago, leaving me alone
I was alone and the Lonliness grew till I myself left myself.
And this shell is all that remains, Empty, Cracked, and ready to Colapse.

Created: Mar 21, 2014


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