Henry Adam Wood's reply to Susie Hasselblad RE: Replacement Cat

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Dearest Susie,

I have no idea what you are even talking about. I do not recall attending a party on Hollow's Eve some 3 years ago much less running over a screeching cat with my cart. I do, however, remember running over Mr. Bromwell Carter's son some 3 years ago, but never a cat. Regarding a replacement cat, of which the original I do not remember running over, you must be mistaken. There is no breed of cat that comes hairless. You say it's called a Minx? There isn't such a thing in existence in this world. There is a Manx, but no Minx.

Susie, your mother once told me you have a propensity for the supernatural. She says there are times when you can see into other people's future. She also says you can even see ghosts. Perhaps, there is a hairless cat breed in someone else's future, but not yours as you are clearly confused. At least, there's not going to be one in your future any time soon. Irregardless, if you indeed have the propensity for the supernatural, please my dear, tell me when I shall expire from this world. I'm growing quite tired of writing all of these letters. In exchange, I shall send you a replacement cat. Perhaps an Abyssinian breed as those are all the rage in Australia. I will not send you a mahogany replacement box, though, but I will promise not to haunt you once I'm dead.


Mr. Henry Adam Wood



Created: Mar 21, 2014

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