Not What You Think (nothing collab)

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It's not what you think,

And I dont know how to explain so you'll understand

That's a good thing

It would scare you if you understood,

But it's not what you think.

Can't sleep and dream at the same time

All chewed up but you can't swallow

The dreams come when your awake and take you by surprise

It's still not what you think

I'm scared to tell you what I shouldn't know, 

A secret I can't keep

Look down and I'm not who I am

Running backward

Time is cold, a burning fire

You don't understand yet

It's not what you think

Blurring together you see? Everything

All wet but it's not shiny

Can't hide what you can't find and pulling it through, pushes it back

But it's not what you think,

Everything is getting all confused

One finger pointing the wrong direction

Then you see what isn't there,

And it's still not what you think.

Created: Mar 21, 2014


Xntrick Misery Document Media