Happy Endings (Robo Arrangement v.1)

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here's a mix of a possible arrangement of the Happy Endings tune, combining the horn parts MPapeghin contributed, Marie's violin, and my bass

Now, before you're all like "what about the part i contributed?" please note this is just a first draft mix and these are the first stems i got a hold of.
I want to add more, and once i get stems of parts i wanna add to it, i'll make another mix

ALSO. i noticed emma's stems have the song a bit more extended out. i was thinking it would sound really cool with the "i love happy endings" part repeating with more instruments coming in, getting all joyus and crazy, and then quieting down for the coda. I'll make a mix of the extended part after uploading this one.

Lemme know what you think


Created: Mar 21, 2014

Tags: trumpet, remix, robo j, stems, french horn, arrangement, iamemma, marie bee, i love happy endings

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