Shedding Skin

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Shedding Skin

They laughed at me. They taunted me.

They kept pointing out what was obviously wrong.

I knew it was wrong. Everybody did. So, I used my brain and got out of there.

I used my beautiful amazing brain to figure out just how I would reach where I wanted to go.

In the end I settled for some metal I found in a skip two miles down the road.

That road.

I asked the man two doors down to help me build something out of the junk I found.

He always helped me when I needed something.

He drove me to the pier, once it was finished.


I climbed into the beast I had created, making sure it would survive the fall.

I ran off the edge of the pier, and flew into the depths of the ocean.

It was there where I began my long journey to safety.

Finally, when it was just me and the deep blue sea, I started to reveal my old self.

7 months I was inside that creation. Protecting me. 

Now, it was time for me to be free.

It was time for the world to accept me. 


Created: Mar 21, 2014

Tags: beauty, water, whale, swimming collab, sea, bullying, short story, image

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