The Whale

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Deep in the sea,
where the waters are cold,
Dark and unfriendly,
Lived a whale, all alone

She could have followed the others,
Travelling around,
But the whale was feeling inside
That she was somehow different.

She knew there was something odd,
Something strange, and unusual
A heartbeat inside her head
A breath behind her eyes

She felt inhabited
Possessed by some dark soul
A child maybe, perhaps a girl
Something living into her thoughts

however the whale,
Couldn't find a clue
She had some inklings and suspicions
But she didnt know the truth

So when the day arrived
When the cocoon exploded
She didnt realise what was going on
And simply turned into a girl

The tale of the whale
Suddenly came to an end
And what happened to the girl
Is another story to tell

Created: Mar 20, 2014

Tags: story, whale, poem

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