Glass Necklace

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It was only tortoiseshell glass,

But it captured someone's eye,

And thus the story told came to pass.

I'll tell it you:  Curiosity, I cannot deny.

*                                              *                                             *

The necklace came in three strands,

Nestling round Her Ladyship's throat.

He'd have played a thousand sarabands--

If only he could breach that impossible moat!

*                                              *                                           *

It glimmered and winked, taunting our hero.

The creamy skin beneath promised heaven

Provided one was Marc Antony, not Nero:

Thus in art, with temptation we leaven.

*                                             *                                           *

The damned thing haunted his dreams,

Made him sweat, cast his eyes into shadow,

And so he began falling apart at the seams

Quick as blinking.  O pity those who loved him so!

*                                           *                                           *

His health, already fragile, failed.

The doctors, silent, looking quite grim.

Whenever he heard her name he paled

Which (considering) was quite a feat for him.

*                                          *                                         *

And the amber honey danced yet before his fevered gaze,

Causing him to cry out in fear

And longing.  All, all was a blurry haze:

The women thought his death was near.

*                                         *                                        *

Concerned, Her Ladyship went to see the patient.

She was alarmed by his gray pallor;

Having seen of suffering her quotient,

She felt discretion to be better than valor.

*                                         *                                      *

He was revived, pronounced a miracle,

A bare few noticing the glitter in his eye,

But they were silent, as though touched by an icicle 

Of fear.  Some of them made ready to fly.

*                                        *                                       *

They found him covered in blood,

The beads from the glass necklace

In his clutching hands.  The room was caked with mud

As they led him away in a brace.

*                                     *                                        *

Thus concludes my tale.

What! you shrink?


You wanted entertainment.

Created: Mar 20, 2014


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