The Skinny Girl

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My name is Shelly, but I everyone calls me Skinny Girl. I'm 4 but Grandma always says I'm just skin and bones. So, now all my family calls me Skinny Girl.


Today mommy made me wake up early. She sings to me in the mornings; her voice is so pretty. Mommy told me I get to go to the daytime care house today. She acted excited about it but I'm not excited. There will be other kids there. What if they call me Skinny Girl too?


I told Mommy, "What about strangers?" I tried my best to scare her, so maybe she would let me stay home with her. Nobody wants to go to daytime care house.


She says once I meet everyone, they won't be strangers anymore and I'll be fine. How does she know?


I had to wear my favorite Sunday dress and my white socks with lace and bows. I don't know why. Mommy says we want to make a good impression. I wonder, will they make me come back home if we don't? I must've wondered it outside my head because Mommy said, "No, of course not. We just want to look our best."


"What will I do at daytime care house?" I ask.


Mommy says, "It's called a daycare, honey. A place you go during the daytime, while Mommy and Daddy do grownup things."


What's more fun than playing with me all day? I'll never know. Unless I get to be a grownup. I don't want to be grownup though. I ask God every night if I can stay little but He hasn't answered me yet.


We walk to the garage to get into our silver van that always smells like leftover French fries (probably because sometimes I hide a few under my seat when Mommy's not looking - to save for next time. But I always forget about them.) And Mommy opens the big, loud rollup door.


It's so pretty outside today! I just want to change clothes and play on my swing while Mommy reads and talks to me. Mommy says, "Not today sweetie." Blah! "I'm not sweetie, Daddy is Sweetie." Mommy laughs and shakes her head yes. She pulls out of the garage and down our street, heading to daycare.


We go a long way away from home and finally get to the daycare house. It does look like a house too! And there are bright colored swings in the front yard. (My swing is in the back yard.) I am getting a little excited, but a lot nervous.


Mommy says there's no need to be afraid. I tell her, "I'm not afraid." But she looks at me, kind of sad, and says she knows. What does she know? That I am really scared? That I don't want to make strangers my friends? She leans down and kisses me then takes my hand and we walk inside.


The first person I see is a tall pretty lady. She has a name tag on that has "Mrs. Dandy" written on it. Before I can stop my mouth, I ask her, "Is your name Dandelion? And Dandy is short for it?" She giggles and I blush.


She says, "No, my last name is Dandy. It isn't short for anything. What's your name?"


"Skinny Girl" I say. But then Mommy laughs and blushes and says that's my nickname. My real name is Shelly. I didn't know I had a nickname. That's neat!


We walk into a big room with lots of colors. And I see other girls dressed up like me. Maybe they won't be strangers after all. There's blocks and books everywhere, and a big green board on the wall. I wonder what that is for?!


Mommy has to go do grownup things. So, she kisses me goodbye. I almost cry, but I hold it inside me.


Mrs. Dandy introduced me by my real name so nobody knows my nickname. I'm happy about that.


When Mommy comes back later, I didn't even know she was gone so long. She asked, "What did you do today?" And I told her, "I made strangers into friends!" She smiles and we hold hands as we walk to our silver van.

Created: Mar 20, 2014

Tags: fiction, story

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