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In which it is discovered that grandmas also invisible cousin Mae East had silently and secretly molested a very visible man who had fallen asleep at a nudist beach. The indecent incident resulted in the birth of two, not identical, twin boys.

One was named Halfwit and the other Nitwit.

Halfwit's left side of his body was visible and the right side invisible, right down the middle of the boy. He studied hard and is now a popular lecturer at medical schools where you may se most of his heart from the right side view. The left side of his brain, can be seen firing electrical and chemical signals. Most students look in awe. That is, unless he's got a cold.

Nitwit was more constantly blurred and became semi-permeable which means that he can will sunshine into his body but he has to let it out through the body's open orifices. He made a short career in a dubious freak show, but is now hooked up with Fagins grandson's gang in the darker alleys of London, being the best pick-pocket that lot ever had.

The end

Created: Mar 20, 2014


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