Obstructed View by Ofer Agady

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(This is a part of an unfinished script of mine, the whole dialogue should be RECORDED and played backwards, Enjoy).

...The beautiful woman is getting closer and closer to Jason and he gets more scared and panicked in every step she makes. Now she is very close to him and he can see that she is actually the waitress that served him couple of minutes earlier... only looks different - more noble and pretty.

Her movements are twisted and creepy in a way. The beautiful woman - the waitress stops in front of Jason and looks at him. Jason is uncomfortable about the whole situation but stays still.

Daeh rouii ni llho si ti. Si
rrehaeth thawoo ees woot tnoww
Ggniet emyass haet si ees woot
tnoww wooii thawoo ddna ees wooii
thawoo. Ti piash wooii woha wooii
woot paa si ti. Daeh rouii ni llho
si ti.

Jason looks around in panic, doesn't know what to do, the waitress with no expression on her face continues.

... leer tonn si ti, wooii
ednaoura koo, kool. Nneshckartsidd
fles woot thaapp emyass haet
wollof woot tnoww tnod wooii. Iim
ta kool one. Wooot rrevillebb ha
ssnow ssaw ia. Rrra iileer yehaeth
sse miss tnod ssgniet... tasmiat-

Created: Mar 20, 2014

Tags: script

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