The Freeing in our Final Passing

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A small glimmer of light shines in the dark sludge like water.
The creaking of rusted metal fills the quiet with muffled echoes,
Resonating in the empty space.

Piece by piece, technology long past falls off,
Lightening the load of a great creature.
The grace and fluidity multiply as more and more
Ancient layers of wasted technology are shed.

With each gone layer,
The sludge like water becomes thinner and thinner.
Movement flows with no struggle as a pair of legs
Emerge from the shell of waste of the great creature.

Gone is the last layer of rusted metal,
And the graceful form of a soul long gone
Swims through the air like water;
Growing ever so much closer to
A place of clean air and freedom.

As the soul reaches the land
Of purity and freedom,
The pieces of ancient technology
Shed by the soul find the bottom
Of the Sludge like water, and join
The other rusted scraps of metal in
The final cleansing of souls.

Created: Mar 20, 2014

Tags: poetry, collab, poem, swimming, swimming collab, romantic poem, narrative poem

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