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It has been an eternity of beatings and blockades.

It started with the words that cut my flesh, and it ended with shield.

It returned when my parents rained down punches upon me
and I ran away and built a wall.

I let it in when depression called with worthlessness
but fear crawled in and forced me to build a bunker around myself.

And when death slithered in through a hole, holding a gun to my head,
I screamed for mercy and poured cement in every crack, imprisoning myself, alone,
in the dark.

But in the depths of that darkness, 
though I have sometimes drowned 
while being pounded by waves of despondency and heartache, 
I have found the strength
to shed my armour 
and return to the light.

Created: Mar 20, 2014

Tags: narrative, collab, story, poetry, prose, free-verse, writing

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