shell castle

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Here's a castle-y building made out of pieces of the fallen-off shell.

A cool way to extend "swimming" would be to make the metal parts into an Atlantis-esque underwater city out of shedded shells. I think that the video could be reincarnation-themed, with some sort of complete cycle. Here's my idea for how it would go:

  1. Humans build a beautiful city

  2. City becomes submerged underwater and deteriorates

  3. Eventually the city falls entirely apart

  4. A fish is formed from the broken pieces

  5. The fish swims, breaks down, and the human comes out (This is when the exact animation of "swimming" would be used)

  6. The human goes onto land and builds a city, starting back at the beginning

Let me know any thoughts or ideas! :) Also- Let me know if anyone wants the .psd file or separated parts to play around with!

update: so i just saw trocar's awesome school of angler fish and i think that the angler fish would look great coming out of the rubble as well!

Created: Mar 20, 2014

Tags: shell castle, photoshop, atlantis, city, shell, reincarnation, idea, remix, castle, swimming

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