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This is a painting I made for my Thesis' Maquette. It's sort of Chuck Close's style. The painting shows an upside-down image of a woman with a word that describes her personality. "Tamad" means Lazy.

The reason why the images in the paintings are upside-down is because of the concept of Camera Obscura. The Camera Obscura is a box with a little hole on its side. When the light comes in that little hole, the image outside the box is transferred inside the box upside-down. Many artists have used Camera Obscura in their paintings throughout the years. In my work, the eyes of the viewer will serve as the Camera Obscura. We are the reality, and the painting is the image produced by our eyes. I want to include this concept to strengthen the idea of the painting being the viewer

Created: Oct 27, 2009

Tags: woman, camera obscura

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