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:O)## "Ask me how my morning went." "O.K. I will bite, how did your morning Go?" "Had a great time cleaning clinging hanging dingle berries off of Cartoon Cat Puke." "T.M.I" ##(O:

Creative Toolbox ~ Rise by Kyocera 3.5 mp Camera/phone, Paint, Paint.net, Picmonkey.com

Source Inspiration ~ 

Original Photo (Layer one) box on the street 2 by TimefireRex

Puking Cat by TillyCat

Everyone Pukes - A not so Tiny Story by Ines Reis ~ Thank You ~ :o)##


Music for Contemplation ( You say Seattle - I will Say Paris)

Running trough Paris by Hendricbuenck http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1561658 Dolicious! Thank You :o)##


Created: Mar 19, 2014


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