Catalina's Dream On The Plane

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On the plane Catalina fell asleep almost instantly.

She had such a terrible dream.She had a dream she was flying through the air into nothing as she looked down screaming all she saw was blue.Before she knew it she was in water.She hit the water so hard she took in water through her nose and mouth Im going to die Catalina knew it.As she struggled to swim to the surface she decided maybe she should just let gojust let the water take her under. Some one was calling her name.Catalina wake up Catalina! Her Best Friend Courtney was yelling.Catalina opned her eyes pissed.What the fuck Courtney?Catalina pushed her friends hands away from her face. Are you...Courtneys face had a strange look.Catalina groggy and just tired looked around.She knew what was wrong the plane was going down and fast! Courtney screamed Catalina why us why? sobbing Courtney just kept crying and blubbering. Catalina screamed as the plane went down.

Created: Mar 19, 2014


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