A bird-watching expert writes to complain (Experts Collab)

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Little Dotsworth

March 2014

Dear Radio Times,


 I wish to complain about a television programme I recently watched on the BBC.  The programme was titled ‘The Great War’ which as we know, lasted from 1914 until 1918.  Or do we know that, dear programme makers?  For I could clearly hear, in a scene showing troops cavorting in London before being dispatched to the front, and purporting to be filmed in 1917, the warbling of the Greater Lesser-Spotted Fincheol.  This bird did not arrive in the British Isles until 1920!!!!  The soundtrack was obviously added to the footage later; surely some care could have been taken to make sure it was of an appropriate vintage, or at least of an appropriate bird.  Why, oh why, is our license fee spent on peddling misinformation?  Your stated mission is to educate, inform and entertain; I put it to you that on this occasion, you have miseducated, misinformed and misentertained.


Yours truly,


A.B. Cholwellskund


P.S. As a footnote, may I add that the bird in question, the Greater Lesser-Spotted Fincheol, is of Germanic origin, and indeed could be said to be the true victor of the wars since its rapid spread in the British Isles was helped by returning troops.

Created: Mar 19, 2014

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