The Invisible Family: Blind Myriam doesn't understand she's invisible

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Myriam speaking to a crowd of visible people: "What do you mean, I am invisible? I am no different from you guys! See, I am here, I breathe and live, right beside you; you can even touch me!"
Some guy: "I know this is hard to explain, Mymy, but it just looks like you're not there, like, we know you are, but we can't see you..."
M.: "Oh knock it off, you guys!"
Myriam gets angry, rushes at a couple of people standing in front of her and embraces them.
M.: "You don't understand, do ya?"
She flicks Shannon's nose. The girl flinches disconcertedly.
S.: "What was that for, Myriam?!"
M.: "Ha! So I am real, I do exist and you can't tell me otherwise! I just proved it to you."
S. mumbling: "Sheesh, so unnecessary..."
M. whispering flirtatiously: "Now to you Ryan, doesn't it feel good being caressed?"
Ryan, a short dude with freckles and bristly hair, blushes a little, but remains silent. Myriam bursts into laughter and runs off happily. When Ryan tries to return the gesture, he notices she is gone, but keeps on stroking the air, as no one except for him realized Myriam's absence.

Created: Mar 19, 2014

Tags: invisible family, witty, emotional, short, embarrassing, blindness, misunderstanding

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