Cheesy Vampire Loverboy

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She walked past me with her friends. Her red hair caught the wind so well. I could always see her fangs, even if nobody else could. But it was her eyes that made me want her. Those dark sea-water blues and storm cloud shades on the iris. God help me, I wanted her so badly, and she knew it.
She finally met me in the middle of the night in my fort. She tried to scare me, but I'm an idiot like that. She came at me, fangs fully extended, nails sharper than flint, not really meaning to hurt me like she did. Just make me stay away. There wasn't much talking that night though. She just stood behind me like she would when she stalks her prey. When I turned around, she pushed me against the wall and damn was she strong. She still had some blood on her cheek from dinner.
I must have looked scared, because she left quickly. I even called out to her. "Wait!" just like a wuss. She had such a figure for someone with that kind of diet. Full plump breasts, an hourglass shape that wasn't obvious, but enough to make me want her. And she was kind for a vampire. I walked away from that encounter with nothing more than a bruise on my chest from where her thumb dug into me.
Like any other girl I wanted, she had her boyfriends. They always ended up missing. Her story was "he hasn't called me in a few days. I just don't get why I can't keep a boyfriend." I had wondered if she meant to eat me, or if she was trusting me with that secret. But that night didn't change how much I wanted her.
The next day, she walked by me again with her friends. Her new boyfriend had his arm around her. He didn't like me looking her up and down. He grabbed my shirt and pulled me around to make me look at him, and shoved me against my locker. From the smell, he was a smoker. Pot would be good for him tonight. I could imagine her letting him smoke one last time so he wouldn't scream as much.
"You lookin' at my girl?" he asked.
"Actually, yeah," I replied, trying to show her I can take a beating and not show all of the pain.
She didn't watch though. She even laughed with the other girls when I admitted my crush on her in public.
"You must be lookin' for a pounding," he said balling his fist.
"And you must be lookin' for a court date. If you don't let me go right now, I'll press charges so fast for assault, harassment, and anything else I want. I've got a list."
I watched him let me go. He couldn't risk even suspension. He cared too much about college. The macho prick wouldn't live to see a court date anyway.
They walked on, but I couldn't let them. I wanted her so badly. Her red hair waved me goodbye, but she looked back at me to see if I was okay. I threw everything in my locker and ran after her.
I pulled her arm to make her look at me. "I don't care if you pass me by again. I want you to know I want you, even if you don't want me right now. And I'll want you tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day."
I gazed into her beautiful blue eyes. I just wanted to kiss her. That's a lie, I wanted to do more than kiss her. I wanted to hold her. I wanted to get to know her better than a stalker. I wanted to love her like a crappy vampire series. I wanted her in every way I could think of. But the moment had to end before her boy lost his temper and did something stupid.
I didn't know if she would act on what I said. I didn't know if I had just won her heart or signed my own death wish. But I know I walked away with my head high and my heart singing. It wasn't just a dream anymore. I was going to have my chance with her, even if it lasts a few moments.

Created: Mar 18, 2014

Tags: romance, suspence, vampire, story, prose, fiction

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