quickly, now

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Your subconscious lacks the ability GO

the ability to confront this elsewhere GO

elsewhere may be reality GO

reality may be simply a dream GO

there is no one single explanation GO

not everything is what it once seemed GO

Who is to say what is right or what's wrong GO

grab your experiences, opinions and dreams GO

you haven't got long GO

just keep going on until they force you to cease GO

whether that time has passed or is yet still to come GO

there is not much they can do GO

for you are far out of reach and they have forgotten how to run GO

Sometimes I wonder, then again don't we all GO

how much we can take until we're ready to fall GO

Sometimes I wonder, if I will wake with the sun GO

day after day, with the night soon to come QUICKLY, NOW.

Created: Mar 18, 2014

Tags: chloe hill, go, original, writing, free-verse, theme, poetry

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