Prince Charming Fell....

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Prince Charming fell,

Prince Charming fell down a well.

I didn’t push him I swear,

I just told him I didn’t care.

I know he wished I did feel for him,

But I’m afraid his chances were slim.

The well water wasn’t magic,

Just black and treacle thick.

It may have been careless of me,

But he wanted me to answer truthfully.

It would have been wrong to tell lies,

Plus he would have seen the truth in my eyes.

“I’m not the princess for you” I said

“please get that in to your head”

I’m not his Snow White or sleeping Beauty,

And he’s not the Punch to my Judy.

Sure he was dashing with his dapper dialogue

But I’m far too digital and he’s just too analogue

He begged he pleaded

 He said “You are all I’ve ever needed”

I can’t help but cry and start shaking,

Standing there and seeing his heart breaking.

I’m sorry if it hurts,

And his bubble has now burst.

I guess my words were sharper then I thought,

I guess he’ll have to take back the ring he brought.

It’s just too much pressure for this diamond,

But hey there are plenty of fish in the pond.

Now I feel the guilt,

And have ruined the foundations we built.

Because of me he jumped down the well,

Down the stone hole in to the swell.

I’ll never forget his words as he was falling,

“I’ll always love you” his voice was calling.

It will echoe always,

In the now silent hallways,

Where we first kissed,

And the times after when his lips had a twist.

I’ll miss his smile, his throated laugh,

His affection was never less than half.

His brown curly hair and his need to cuddle,

 And his need to throw his coat over a puddle,

so my feet wouldn’t get wet even in wellies,

acting just like he’s from the 1920’s.

Maybe I care more than I noticed,

 And now I’ve just let go of the gold dust,

 I never realised what I had in the palm of my hand,

It’s now gone and mixed in with the sand,

“I love you” I shouted down the black whole,

Now I’ll sit and wait for his call

Created: Mar 18, 2014

Tags: regret, poetry, guilt, prince charming, falling, snap decisions

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