Go: 10 min. writing challange

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I never go anywhere.


 Well, except when I have an appointment,

 Or when my daughter needs me to take her somewhere,

 or to run errands…


But those things don’t really count as going somewhere,



I don’t even go outside at home,

 unless it’s to do one of the previously mentioned things.


I used to go hang out with friends,

 or go to the movies,

 or go to see a play,

 or go to a museum or an art gallery,

 or go out to eat,

 or go for a bike ride,

 or go out to draw or take photos,

 or go to see a concert,

 or go out for a nice long walk.


But not anymore,

 Now I just stay inside.


I never go anywhere.


Created: Mar 18, 2014

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