REMIX: Robs First Music Video

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When I first discovered HitRECord I wasn't sure of what I could do with all the original and great work uploaded daily by such great artists, cinematographers, and producers, or what I couldn't do. Instead of sitting around and wondering, I re-read the terms of service a few times, and decided to start downloading raw footage to remix it all together as my first music video. It's taken a solid 10 hr shift at min just the remixing of the video, and fine tuning, yet I think the final product proves that it was well worth it. I do feel as though I need to re-record my music and remix the audio/video again however here it is. My first remixed music video! Thanks HitRECord!!! <3

Created: Mar 18, 2014

Tags: light bulbs would never burn out, vocals, and a new earth, record, original, acoustic, rob perreault, canada, music video, kevin maistros, kavonne

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